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    Well time for an update. Just a quick reminder as to who I am. I am Mike Adair. I have raced F500s since 1990 and have been a keen follower of Western Springs since the late 60s when my grandfather would take us as kids to Western Springs Speedway. I would never usually last the night ending curled up asleep on the terraces. My favourite all time driver at the Springs was Barry Butterworth. I will allways remember the night he brought the black USA outlaw Sprintcar to the Springs in about 1983. That car was just so fast. I had never seen a car go so fast there before and was sure he was going to put it in the wall every corner he came to. And then his side panel on his top wing peeled away to add to the amazment. This was around the time that Vic Neal had a throttle linkage jam at the start of a sprintcar heat and ended up destoying his sprintcar. He took off at the start and just hit the wall with such force that he bent a railway sleeper 30 degrees and a ball of flame shot into the air. To this day I am yet to see a more amazing site. And he walked away. He must have been quite disapointed as it was a brand new car having its 1st race.

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I live with 20 people. We eat together.We feed the pets together. I have a dog and a cat.


My friends are cool - they all have Tripod pages!


I like swimming, fishing,and making Tripod pages with the new Homepage Studio